‘I’m a musician, I’m a producer, I just don’t have a job’

I’m an electronic musician.

My dream is to work on the best electronic music in the world.

And I do.

I’m not a producer.

I don’t know what a producer does, I don`t know how a producer works.

I do have an incredible love for producing.

The only thing I know is I love to make music.

I`ve been doing it for years, but I have a degree in music production.

I got a degree from a very prestigious school and I can do a degree, but that`s about it.

But I`m not a rapper.

That is a different story.

I love the production, I love making music, but the real money comes from the artists.

And the artists have to get paid.

And that is the only reason why I make music, to make money.

I was always a producer before I was a rapper, but now I`ll be a rapper and I`d be paid equally.

The money is coming to me and I am a producer in my own right.

I make $1.4 million a year and that`ll change.

I get paid the same as any other rapper.

I am very happy that I get to make more money now.

It`s good because it gives me the opportunity to do something different, to get to do other things, and I feel like I can achieve a lot more.

The last 10 years I`re doing things that no one else does.

I have no idea what I would do if I were just a producer and a rapper with no money.

The more money I get, the more creative I can be.

I know I can make music with no equipment, no studio.

It will be different when I get a bigger budget.

If I had $20,000 a year I would have to buy the equipment and hire a full-time producer and hire full-timers to make beats.

It would take me forever to make something.

I want to make a record that is 100 per cent perfect and I want people to know what I am about.

But that is not happening with the label.

When I started producing, it was a small thing.

Now I am making music for everyone and it is a big thing.

I think that this is a really good step for the industry.

In the last few years, it has become a big issue for electronic music producers.

We can`t find enough money to pay the people who make our music, the producers.

And we need to be able to pay them in other ways.

The labels can pay people in other parts of the industry, but when it comes to our music we need help.

I just want to be paid as an artist.

The problem is that we are not paid in other aspects of the music industry.

I live in an apartment with my girlfriend and she`s making a record with my band and she gets paid $2,000 to make $5,000.

When she starts working, the money comes in the same way as the other artists.

But if I am only making a few records a year, it will be difficult for me to get my money.

This is why I am asking for help.

The producers are paid very little, they are paid on a per-album basis, and they have to sign contracts with the labels.

I ask for this because I want the money to come in other avenues.

This means I have to find other ways of making music.

There is a new generation of producers coming up and we need a new way of making.