How The World’s Finest Electronic Musicians Made $50 Million In 2012

Madeon Electronic Musician Ralf Höfer, a.k.a.

Madeon-Electronic-Musician, is a German electronic music pioneer who makes electronic music that’s been sampled by Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Lady Macbeth and more.

Madean is currently making his third full-length album, “Funk” out in June.

Madeons third album, however, was a commercial flop.

But that’s just what Madeon and his fans want to see.

In the last two years, Madeon has recorded nearly 20 albums, including his debut album “Fantasie” which peaked at #4 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

He has also collaborated with the likes of Prince, The xx, Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna, and he’s produced tracks for many of the world’s top artists, including the likes and Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Lorde, Rihanna and Beyoncé.

But in 2011, Madean’s third album “Electronic Funk” flopped on the U.S. Billboard 200.

A year later, Madeons second album “Energetic Funk” did poorly on the chart, with its debut album selling just 10,000 copies in its first week.

But it was a huge success for the German producer.

“We were so impressed with the reaction,” he said in an interview with the German publication, Welt.

“We didn’t think it would be this big.

We were a little bit surprised at how popular it was.

We had never made a music video before.”

While his album sales were low, his success with the mainstream is what made him the world leader in the electronic music genre.

He is considered one of the greatest producers in the world, with more than 30 Grammy Awards, 10 MTV Video Music Awards, three Grammy nominations and a number of top 10 singles.

He’s also a top artist on the German charts.

In 2013, Madeen released “Fancy,” a hit single with his dancehall style.

The song sold more than 20 million copies worldwide, and it has become a global hit.

In 2014, Madey also recorded “Breathless” a dancehall track that sold about 2.5 million copies.

His fourth album “Wedding” also sold a lot of copies in Germany.

In 2016, Madeone released “The Perfect Match,” which he also called a dancefloor anthem.

He also co-produced the track with Beyonce.

The two artists have collaborated on the music video for “Wings.”

“We created this album in a certain way, to make this album perfect,” he told the publication.

“I really wanted to create a great album that I think will be a huge hit.”

A lot of people will probably agree with that.

In 2017, Madeonen said that his second album is “the best thing I’ve ever made.”

He told German magazine Handelsblatt that he has been making music since he was 16 years old and is one of those rare artists who never stopped.

“I’m just a regular kid.

I don’t have any special powers.

But I’m a very good musician,” he added.

“In this business, you need to work with your best friend.

I like to be able to have fun, but also to keep making music.”