“Röyksopp” – a new record is due!

Röykzper, a Berlin electronic music group from Berlin, released a new album “RÜKSPERIET” on Wednesday.

The new album, which was recorded at Berlin’s “The Lab” with the assistance of the producer Günther Wertheimer, was produced by the band members and features some of their favourite artists, among them.

The band have also put together a new tracklist for the record, which they released on YouTube.

“The new record has been produced in collaboration with the members of Rökzper.

I had the opportunity to see the members live and to hear their music in their new environments,” the band wrote on their Facebook page.”

Our band is a very intimate group and it was a real pleasure to see them in the studio together,” they added.”

We hope this new record will help us to become a more complete and creative band,” they wrote.

RökZper is one of the first Berlin electronic bands to gain attention internationally, and is also one of Germany’s most popular electronic bands.

They recently won the “Best of the German Electronic Music Awards” for their “Energizer” and “Funkadelic” albums, as well as the “Alternative Instrumental Awards” in 2016.

They also performed at the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra’s “Winter Music” in 2017.

The band’s music, which is also played live at concerts, also features on the band’s forthcoming album “Luxury”.

They are also working on a new digital project, which will be released in 2018.

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