Which Electronic Musicians are the Most Influential?

Electronic musicians are often described as the “most influential” in the electronic music world.

They have created music that has influenced other artists, from artists like The Chainsmokers and Daft Punk to artists like Lana Del Rey, MØ and more.

With the release of the 2016 Electronic Music Awards, however, we’re taking a closer look at the most influential artists in the genre and who they are.

Electronic music has a huge amount of influence in music and culture, from the music, to the art form, to even the business model.

However, the most significant influence for us is the creative content that artists produce, and the people who are making it.

It is the music that inspires us and inspires other artists to continue to push the boundaries.

Below are 10 electronic musicians that we are most excited to see in the future.


The Chainsmillers The ChainsMillers are a band that have had a huge impact on the music industry and the world, as they are known for their sound and style.

They are known as a pioneer of dance music, and their style is very danceable.

The band has released music for almost 20 years and their most recent release was in 2017.

They were nominated for the Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2018 and have also won numerous awards including Best Dance Performance, Best Electronic Music Album and Best Dance Group.


The Flaming Lips The Flame-Lips have a huge influence on all forms of music, including electronic music.

Their sound and art form has been featured in films, commercials, and television, and have had many artists follow suit.

The group also released their debut album in 2017, The Flamed Lips.


Datsik The Datsiks are a Swedish electronic music group that have released over 70 albums and counting.

The members of the group are all of European descent and have created unique and memorable sounds, often combining genres.

Dato is known for being the lead singer of the band and his voice is often used in commercial productions.

Dati has released more than 50 songs on various platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Soundcloud Live, and more, as well as on the radio.


MÖPCH The MÜPCH are one of the most well known Swedish electronic artists.

The artists have released a wide variety of electronic music, from pop to hip-hop to house, and they also recently released a single titled “Love Me.”

MÄPCH is considered by many as one of Sweden’s most influential acts.

The MüPCH’s most popular single “Love You” has sold over 30 million copies in its first three years.


The Killers The Killer is one of Swedish electronic musicians best-known artists.

They released their first full-length album in 2014 and have continued to release music over the years.

The new album, The Killergirl, will be their final album for 2017.

The album was released in November 2017.


Dusky The Dusky are one-time artists that have been creating electronic music for the last five years.

They formed the band in 2010 and their last album was 2013’s Soundcloud EP.

DSO has released over 100 albums and singles.

The first song on their debut EP, “Catch A Fire,” has been used in over 40 commercials and is currently being used in television commercials.


The Avalanches The Avalans first album, Avalanches, was released on August 31, 2017 and was also nominated for Best Electronic Album.

They also received a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Music Album for their single “Panda” in 2018.


The xx The xx have had some big influences in electronic music and have become the go-to artists for pop, techno, dance music and many other genres.

The duo released their album, A Seat At The Table in 2019.

The song “Blurred Lines” has been performed on several songs on top of many more tracks by many artists, including Katy Perry, Beyonce, The Chains, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, and many more.


Skrillex The Skrilx is one-of-a-kind electronic music artists.

Skrils name came from his signature dance moves and style, which are not dissimilar to that of The Killars.

His tracks have been played on radio stations and on the biggest stage in the world including Madison Square Garden and Wembley Stadium.

Skrlle’s latest album, titled “Dance,” has sold more than a million copies.


The Weekend at Bobby’s The Weekends most recent album, Bobby’s, was the biggest selling album of 2018.

The four tracks on the album, “Bobby’s World,” “Bomber,” “Mum,” and “All In,” have sold more that 30 million downloads and have sold millions of records.


Alessia Cara The Italian actress and model has been one of electronic artists