Why Japan is so obsessed with electronic music: The story behind Japan’s obsession

It’s not a surprise that Japan is a hotbed for electronic music.

The country has the highest rate of population growth in the world, and a high proportion of the population is aged between 20 and 40.

Japan has also been one of the most populous countries in the global music industry, with the industry’s largest recording label, Sony Music Japan, making about $15 billion in sales a year, according to a recent report by the music industry group Nielsen.

But the Japanese are not the only ones who are interested in electronic music — they are the only country to have recorded artists from all over the world.

The likes of Kanye West, Drake and Rihanna are all active in electronic dance music, as is Kanye West himself.

But, with such an incredible amount of music being made and the potential for it to become big, it seems Japan has a special place in electronic culture.

So, with so much electronic music being released worldwide, why is Japan so obsessed?

We spoke to a few Japanese artists about their music, what it is like, and what the Japanese can learn from American music.