Why We Love the Electric Electronic Music Scene

A year after releasing their first single, the electronic music duo made on Electronic Musicians House/Electro/Trance/ etc, madeon Electronic Musllers House/Electric/etc. became one of the biggest indie bands in the country.

With over 50,000 fans on Spotify, it’s no wonder that the duo’s popularity has increased so much since their debut single, “Happiness”.

With their fourth full-length, A Year After, coming out on August 26, 2017, they are also celebrating a new milestone.

“We’re celebrating A Year Since,” frontman and songwriter Dan Pflug said in a statement.

“This is the year that we released our first single and, to celebrate, we’re putting out the first album since.”

While they’re celebrating their first album release with a big show, the band are also taking the time to reflect on their lives, the past, and what’s next.

“For us, this is a really big, huge milestone for us,” Pflup says.

“We’re really happy that we’ve managed to accomplish so much over the years and we’re just really excited for our fans.”

With the first EP, A Time For Life, coming in May 2018, the duo took a break from touring and were ready to start recording their follow-up.

“It was like a whirlwind of activity,” PFLup says of the time off from touring.

“It was very intense.

We took a lot of breaks and things happened at the same time.

It was a great way to recover.

We felt like we had a lot to do and it was just good to go back to work.””

It’s been an incredible year for us.

We’re still working on songs, but we’re starting to have more and more fun.

It’s been really rewarding,” he continues.

“I think we’ve done a lot and we’ve got a lot more to come.”

With A Year For Life hitting stores in the coming weeks, fans can expect a whole new album in the works.

The album is titled A Time for Life and is being produced by Pflups production company, Dopaminia.

“When we started making A Time, we were looking for a new direction and we wanted to do something that was very different,” he says.

It is a departure from the band’s usual approach to music, but it also brings with it some of the same ideas.

“The thing we love the most about music is that it is a very abstract experience,” he explains.

“With this new direction, we wanted this album to have that same experience.

There are different moods and different moodsets.

We want the album to be something that is both different and familiar.”

It will be released on vinyl and digitally via Record Store Day on August 25.