NFL’s ‘Modern Electronic Music’ Competition gets big headline sponsor

The NFL’s “Modern Electronic Musicians Competition” got a big sponsor Tuesday, as a company called Electronic Jazz Musicians announced its involvement in the event.

The announcement comes as electronic musicians prepare for their first international competition in November.

The event will see musicians competing in a series of competitions in five locations in Japan, Italy, Australia and the United States.

The “modern electronic music” event will begin in Japan and culminate with a concert in Rome in November, according to the NFL.

The NFL and Electronic Jazz Music will be working with a group of artists who have worked in the field of modern electronic music, said Mark Wigley, NFL vice president of media, business development and business affairs.

The event is designed to bring together players and teams from all over the world and is expected to have a significant impact on the development of the genre.

Wigley said the event will focus on bringing musicians and fans together to share the musical artistry and innovation that modern electronic musicians bring to the table.

The goal is to bring players together and showcase what it means to be modern electronic, he said.

The competition will begin on Nov. 7 in Tokyo, with the inaugural event in Rome starting Nov. 14.

Each location will feature a DJ booth with sound effects and a DJ playing live music.

In Japan, there will be a full-day competition that runs through the day.

A full list of venues can be found on Electronic Jazz’s website.

The Electronic Jazz competition is sponsored by the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

It is set to feature eight players and six teams.

A team can earn up to $2,000 for winning a round of the event, and a player can earn a total of $5,000.

The top five players each will receive a $5 million check.

The winning team from each event will be eligible to play in the Super Bowl this season.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.