What you need to know about Chinese electronic music

If you love Chinese electronic musicians and electronic music culture, you might not know much about Chinese pop stars, but you should be aware of what they are doing and how they can get your attention.

In 2016, Chinese pop singer, Wu-Tang Clan member, Common, became the first solo artist to be featured on the cover of Billboard’s World Music Awards, the world’s biggest music awards.

He was the first artist from outside of China to have his image featured on a music magazine cover.

“The World Music Award is the biggest thing that’s happened in the world for the Chinese pop music industry.

There are more than two million awards in the industry,” Ms Weng-Wen said.”

Chinese pop music is still in its infancy, and Wu-Thang and Common are just the most visible artists.”

They’re also very much part of the mainstream, which means they’re popular in the mainstream of China.

“It’s the same with music from overseas, where Chinese pop star, Liu Wen, is one of the most famous foreign artists.

Chinese pop stars’ popularity has exploded since the country launched its first online music service, Taobao, in 2013.

Ms Liu has recorded more than 1,000 hits and attracted the attention of millions of Chinese internet users.”

People love my music.

They like my lyrics, they like my song, they’re not scared to watch me on television,” she told ABC News.”

I’ve made a lot of friends online.

They are not afraid to go to my studio and watch me work.

“Liu Wen is one example of a celebrity who has achieved worldwide fame through her music, and she is now being recognised as an internationally acclaimed pop star in China.

Ms Weng Weng said there were a number of reasons for the success of Chinese pop.”

One of the reasons is that Chinese people are very creative,” she said.