‘I have a heart attack’: A story of heartbreak in Finnish electronic music

Posted September 25, 2018 06:15:16When Finns started to embrace electronic music, they had no idea how their music would change their lives.

“We never knew what to expect,” said Niki Männistö, a 24-year-old Finnish electronic musician who lives in Helsinki.

Männists parents decided to move to London when he was 10 and his brother started playing the electronic music.

It’s now been a decade since Mändistö’s brother played a show in London and he says it was “the most painful time in my life.”

“When I first came to London I had this very positive experience with the music.

I saw people and things,” Mänistö said.

The music was “very nice and warm,” and “very good” for him.

But he says he’s lost a lot of confidence in his own musical abilities.

He now spends his time listening to his favorite artists and learning new ones.

For him, the change has been “more of a challenge than the experience.”

While he’s had to learn how to do his own productions, he’s also had to change his approach to music.

Mänismen started writing music at the age of 15.

At the time, his parents told him he had to write his own music, and that was the beginning of his musical journey.

Now, Mäntistö plays an acoustic guitar and has a “small band” of friends that he plays with on weekends.

Despite having to take on other responsibilities in his life, Mönistö is “happy to be playing electronic music again,” he said.

“My music is very happy,” he added.

Even though Mänedistö has been playing electronic, he said that he’s not sure he’ll ever stop.

He’s even going to make a new album in the future.

His new album will be released in early 2019.

As an electronic musician, MÜntisto said that his passion for music is his main source of income.

But, he has to keep the passion alive.

In the future, Möntisti will try to use his musical skills to help people in need.

And he hopes his new album, called Kaleido, will be an anthem for Finnish society.

“I’m hoping Kaleidos message will be something to spread and make a positive impact on the world,” Mönedisto explained.