Kraftwerg Electronic Musicians are Retired

Electronic musicians from the Netherlands and Austria have been retiring in droves to avoid a possible shutdown of the country’s music industry, as lawmakers in the Netherlands begin considering a proposal to tax and regulate the electronic industry.

With the country facing a potential collapse in the number of music sales in the coming months, a proposed tax on electronic musicians is drawing the ire of lawmakers.

Electronic musicians have been using their retirements to get more cash for their music in hopes that it will boost sales.

The band and artist collective K-E-B have made a career of promoting their work, which often features collaborations with the likes of Lady Gaga, the Rolling Stones, and Queen.

According to the Financial Times, K-e-B has been paid a combined total of about $2.7 million from 2017 to 2018, making the band one of the biggest earners in the country.

The group’s chief executive, Jan Stolz, has said he would consider the proposal if the Dutch government would agree to it.

The move comes amid growing fears of a financial crisis in the music industry.

Dutch President Donald Tusk said last month that the country was heading for an economic crisis due to the number and severity of its music sales.

The government is considering an effort to levy a tax on artists who have played their entire careers on CDs.

The proposal is one of several measures being considered by lawmakers in order to curb the countrys declining music industry and boost its economy.

According the government, there are currently about 6,000 active electronic musicians in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam.