Electronic musicians dead in Russia

The electronic music scene in Russia has died, a month after the death of a prominent Russian electronic musician.

“Electronic musicians, like singers and musicians, are the main targets of Russian authorities,” the group Electronic Rights Foundation, or ERF, said in a statement published Tuesday.

The statement also noted that the Russian government has been cracking down on other groups that play electronic music, including groups like the hip hop collective Electronic Party and the Russian folk band Svetlana, which were all forced to shut down.

“They want to suppress our music,” said Svetlav Gubarev, the founder of the Russian band Serenade.

“The government is trying to make us disappear from the country, they want to make the public believe we are all terrorists and terrorists are the only ones who make music.”

According to the group, the death toll is at least 1,400 and counting.

According to news reports, the Russian authorities had seized at least $1.8 million in digital currencies and more than $200 million in cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin.

The Russian government said in January that it had seized bitcoin worth over $1 billion, with $1 million from the Silk Road website seized.

The announcement came just days after the US Treasury Department also announced it was seizing bitcoin and other digital currencies as part of a crackdown on the digital currency marketplace Silk Road.

The Treasury Department did not provide a reason for the seizure.

The seizure of digital currencies was announced on Wednesday by a senior Treasury official, who said it was necessary to address concerns that digital currencies could be used to launder money, a practice that is now illegal in the US.

“We are taking steps to address the illicit use of cryptocurrencies, and we are targeting those who use them to larceny,” the official said.