How to use the internet with your new band?

You don’t have to have a band to be an electronic musician.

Here’s how to make a record, write songs, and even make videos online.

We cover all the basics.

article In the summer of 2018, when the music scene was still in its infancy, Swedish electronic musicians Markus Schulz and Timo Sätterlinn decided to take the stage together at a small event in Stockholm.

They didn’t want to rehearse in front of a live audience, but that didn’t stop them from releasing their debut EP, “Wake Up”.

After releasing it on their own label, Electronic Music International, they signed with Kultur Recordings, and after two weeks of rehearsals and demos, they were ready to put out their first album, titled “Sonic”, in July 2019.

The song, “Stonewall” is about growing up, about being a teenager, about losing hope, and about how to survive in the world.

Markus and Tim have now spent the last two years touring the world, playing live in cities from Brazil to Australia and even going back to Sweden.

They’ve recorded an EP, which you can hear above, and released it to the public via their own website.

The band has also recorded their first video and is releasing it this month on YouTube, as well.

As you might imagine, they are both keen to share their experience on this podcast, but they also wanted to make sure you were as well, so we’ve brought them on to explain how they made a career, how they’re living in the shadow of a massive success and why you should too.

How did you come up with the name “Swan Song”?

You don ‘t usually make a name for yourself as an electronic artist, but this is one of the first times that you have.

The idea came from a moment when you were playing a gig in Stockholm and Markus and I noticed that all the musicians were singing in Swedish.

We decided to go ahead and try to make an electronic version of it.

So we put the two of us in the same room and played in Swedish and we decided to make this song.

We just thought it would be fun to play something with the two other guys and we went to the studio.

After the recording session was finished we started working on it.

We recorded two versions of it, with the bass part and the drums part.

It’s a really beautiful song, it has a real sense of melody and it’s not too heavy.

What did you do with the song’s title?

Markus, the lead singer of the band, decided to use it as a title for the first version, which had the Swedish words for “Swing” and “Walk”.

When we were doing rehearsals in Stockholm, I remember looking at my guitar and thinking “Sewo, Sewo”, and that’s how it ended up.

Why is that song called “Swen”?

I think it’s because we used to play together a lot when we were in Stockholm growing up.

We used to use a piano that we got from a piano repairman in Stockholm called Jørn and I used to sing in Swedish, too.

We also used to do lots of singing in the hallways of the local schools.

We all used to come up to each other and say, “We used to be kids and now we’re adults, too”, but it’s something that sticks in our memories.

How do you choose the instruments for the song?

We decided that it would go best if we used some of the same instruments that Markus used.

He used to have an acoustic guitar and we used a guitar that he gave us.

We played them together at times when he was playing a piano, and then we played them with the acoustic guitar when he would sing.

What is your favourite Swedish instrument?

My favourite instrument is probably the bass, which is the most versatile instrument in the genre.

The bass is the best instrument for this kind of song because it’s very versatile.

What do you listen to on your phone when you’re working?

I listen to music when I’m working.

I’m constantly doing research on the internet, reading music, and watching videos on YouTube.

Do you have any favourite music videos?

I really like videos like “My Love”, which was recorded in Sweden by the electronic music duo The Kaleidoscope, and I really liked the videos by Röyksopp and the guys from Dopapod.

What’s your favourite thing about your hometown?

My hometown is a great city, which I like to describe as a ‘big city’.

We live on the same street as the big cities, which makes it really easy to commute to wherever you need to go.

I really love this city, I’m always looking for a place that has great food, great places to go shopping, and a great place