When the Internet is your friend? The music industry and the internet as we know it is coming to an end.

Modern electronic music, also known as EDM, has been a popular form of music for years.

Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years, with artists such as Disclosure, Avicii, Kaskade, and more all making a living off the music, and it has grown into a major force in the music industry.

However, its popularity has also led to controversy, with many fans questioning whether the genre is a good idea for music industry professionals.

Many artists have also come under fire for promoting the music at a time when they should be paying more attention to their own careers.

In a recent interview with Billboard, EDM singer-songwriter Avicius made the claim that he was paid $2,000 per performance for a single and would be paid $3,000 to play a full album for the next four years.

However this was before he was fired by his label.

It is also unclear if the claim was true or not.

In 2014, another popular electronic musician, producer Avicie, also spoke out against the industry, saying that EDM artists need to be paid more.

He said that the industry should be focused on its core fans, rather than the money it makes off of them.

The issue has come to a head with Avicieris departure from the company he created.

He announced his departure from his label, Digital Underground, on Instagram.

Avicily said that he would not be able to keep up with the demands of the industry anymore and was leaving for a more “stable” place.

“I want to go somewhere where the industry can be a place where it can be my friend,” he wrote in a statement.

“That’s where I want to be.”

He continued, “The industry has become too toxic, it’s just a really unhealthy place.

It needs to be something that I can go to, to see a different side of the world, where people can be free and where people want to make music and where they want to learn and where you can feel like you’re making something.

I want that to happen in the world.”