How to Survive A Wild Winter Is Here! (and How to Get Out Of It)

The days are getting shorter, but winter still has its wild, unruly ways.

So, I thought it would be fun to share with you how I got to where I am today. 

The Beginning After being on a break for six months, I finally decided to come back to my old stomping ground, Sweden.

I got myself a couple of nice guitars, some pedals and a few hours to spare. 

I bought the most expensive gear I could find, so I had to figure out how to live in a gear-less house.

It took me weeks to figure this one out, but the end result was amazing. 

My house, the Energe-Lite House, features a small basement that I used to play in.

It has an open loft that I had my guitar built into, a room that I built my gear out of, a big outdoor stage that I have used to rehearse for years, and plenty of room to sit and chill. 

In addition to the room and stage, the Energe is also my living room.

I use it for a lot of things, but I like to play my guitar there. 

It’s a place where I can still relax, have fun and keep my ears open. 

So, how did I get here?

I found a room in a very expensive house with an open space that I needed for my equipment.

The problem with the house I found, though, was that there wasn’t really enough room.

So I made do with a little bit of space that my wife and I could use to keep a guitar, bass, bass guitar, drum kit, sampler and other gear that we use in our house. 

After months of waiting for this equipment to arrive, I found out that the Everge was the perfect house for my setup. 

EVERGE House: 1.1x Electric guitar (2x Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Jaguar) 1x MXR Electronic drum kit (3x MAD TRAC) 2x MXRs E-bucker (1x Zoom Zoom, 1x Harmony, 1 x Sennheiser HD 600) Elderly I like to be active, so the Eenerge has an outdoor stage for me to use.

I have a mini stage for recording and playing live.

I also have a small stage that can be used to set up for live shows. 

When I first got the Eterge, I figured that it was the best place for me, but now I realize that this house was perfect for me. 

With a large, open space to play, chill and get to know my gear, I really enjoy this setup.

I love playing in the open, which I feel is important for anyone who is on a budget. 

Being on a tight budget has its advantages, too.

The space is great to sit in when I am home alone, so there is less stress on my nerves. 

However, the fact that it is so large makes it hard to find places to sit on when I have friends over. 

Plus, I have to keep my eyes open for the wild noises that come from the outdoors and find my way back into my house if I lose my focus. 

To make up for this, I play a lot in the back of the house.

I like sitting on my couch and playing in my backyard.

I’ve found that it’s really relaxing to sit down and play in the woods and I’m actually able to do this in my own home. 

This house also makes it easy for me as a beginner to build up some practice skills.

The house has an ample amount of room, which is perfect for my learning.

I’m learning how to play an acoustic guitar and how to use my electric bass with my drum kit and sampler. 

At the end of the day, though and this is where I feel the most confident about this setup, the most important thing is that I can be myself in the house and still have a good time. 

How To Play the Energizer Guitar: The Energizer Guitar is my favorite pedal for playing the Elderly because it sounds like it is being played by a human being. 

You’ll feel a sense of energy coming from your guitar.

I usually play with my bass and bass guitar.

My drums and samplers are set up to play very loud, but my electric guitars are tuned to a lower treble tone. 

Playing with your electric guitar makes it so you can actually feel your fingers.

This is very important when you are practicing, because if you can’t feel your finger tips when you play, you are going to be a mess when you start playing