Music industry faces potential shutdown amid new legislation

The U.S. music industry has faced potential shutdowns due to a new bipartisan bill, but the impact of the legislation remains uncertain.

The bill, which the House of Representatives passed Monday, would block federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Music Publishers Association.

It would also restrict federal payments for artists that promote alcohol, tobacco and pornography.

The White House said it was considering its options, and a White House spokesman said the president would be watching closely.

“We will be evaluating all the options,” spokesman Josh Earnest said Monday.

“I can’t say anything about what the President’s going to do at this point.”

The legislation passed by the House in May is similar to a bill passed by a bipartisan group of House lawmakers in the Senate.

The legislation would require the president to submit annual reports to Congress detailing how the federal government spends federal funds and what the government spends its money on.

The government spends nearly $5 trillion a year on music, including millions for music programs that benefit schools, the arts and other programs that support students.

The president has said he will release his yearly reports within 90 days.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.