Which artists make up the world’s electronic music scene?

Electronic music (EDM) has become a global phenomenon thanks to the popularity of music videos, music-themed clothing, dance parties, and dance performances.

It is also growing in popularity with musicians and artists, who are creating their own versions of the genre.

Below is a list of 10 artists who make up this emerging music genre.


Tove Lo and Arca – Tove’s ‘Mighty’ video The video for Arca’s ‘Tove Lo’ has gone viral online, and has gone on to become one of the most popular videos of 2017.

The video is an homage to a favourite British rock song, ‘Might as Well’ and is made up of some of the best EDM beats.

The song, which has a very dancey feel to it, is set to open at the 2017 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Arca was also one of 2016’s most successful artists, earning the title of best artist in the UK and best in the world for his remix of ‘N Sync’ for the Disney Channel’s Disney Superstar, which also starred Tove.

Aracabra is an artist from Spain that is a member of the electronic music duo M.O.P. Arco.

This duo has been working with a variety of electronic music artists since they formed in 2013.

The duo’s sound is influenced by electronic dance music ( EDM) from the likes of Skrillex, Calvin Harris, and DJ Snake.

Arcs ‘Million Dollar Party’ video M.o.P.’s latest video for ‘Millions Dollar Party’, the song on their album Million Dollar Party, features a unique mix of electro-funk, house, and EDM.

The track is one of many dance-based videos from the group that have gone viral, and features a very catchy beat.

Arcabra was a member on the dance group, ‘Arco’ in 2014, and is a regular on the group’s stage.

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M.I.A. – The Chainsmokers ‘Stay Gold’ video It is hard to believe that in 2017, the world had never heard of M. I.A., who was one of EDM’s biggest names before she was a rapper and pop star.

In 2017, M.A.’s music videos for ‘Stay gold’ and ‘Hurt’ became big hits in the U.S. and Canada, as well as across Europe. M I.