What the media has done to keep Donald Trump from becoming president

The New York Times, with a few notable exceptions, has kept Donald Trump’s presidential campaign alive.

The Times is owned by Univision, which is the parent company of Univision Communications.

And while the Times has generally kept Trump from taking the White House, it has also made some significant moves to help the candidate.

The paper published a story by New York attorney and former U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz that questioned Trump’s immigration record.

It has also published some articles about the president’s ties to Russia, including a story that said Trump had ties to Russian oligarchs, and a piece that suggested Trump had tried to obstruct the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into his campaign’s ties with Russia.

The story about Trump’s ties was covered by multiple outlets.

For example, Fox News did a story with the headline, “Trump, Russia and Trump Tower: What We Know.”

The story said the story was based on an investigation by the New York Attorney General’s office.

The piece was headlined, “Why is Donald Trump so dangerous to America?

The New Yorker.”

The piece by Ortiz said Trump has “close ties to the Kremlin.”

The New Republic ran a story about the story by Ortiz, saying the story “reveals a new level of intrigue about Trump and Russia.”

The Washington Post ran a piece by Eric Boehlert about the article by Ortiz.

Both the Times and the Post have since apologized for the reporting.