How to beat Skrillex with a DJ?

The electronic musician Skrilles is reportedly set to make his debut in India, a country which has become synonymous with electronic music.

He has been dubbed the “king of DJing” in the country.

India has also become a key player in the electronic music scene, which has grown into a $20 billion market.

The country’s electronic music market was worth $3 billion last year, according to data firm Mintel.

In 2016, Skrillys first international hit “The Love Club” hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and reached number five in the U.S.

The track is a mashup of classic hip-hop and electronic music and has sold over 200 million copies worldwide.

In India, Skrillies success has been credited with pushing more electronic artists into the international scene.

He was also a regular guest on popular music shows such as Top Chef and The Voice.

In 2018, the Indian government started a programme called the India Electronic Music Promotion Scheme (IEMPS) to help promote electronic music in the nation.

The scheme has seen a rise in the number of Indian electronic musicians from just five to over 500, according the Indian Times.

This year, the IEMPS launched its “Konrad” programme which aims to introduce more electronic musicians to the Indian music scene.

The programme, launched in May 2018, aims to bring electronic music into schools and colleges across the country by offering them opportunities to perform in public.

It is also expected that the scheme will expand its reach by inviting other electronic musicians and artists to perform at music festivals.