The new album from the electronic musician, who has a new EP due in the fall

The new EP from the artist Electronic musicians N.W.A. is set to hit stores and streaming sites in the coming weeks, but the record was made over two years ago, making it a little dated.

Now, The New York Times has exclusively learned that the record is being remastered by longtime producer David Guetta.

Guetta, a former producer of the legendary hip-hop group the Roots, said in a statement that the new LP is “a lot of fun.”

It was originally scheduled to come out in March 2018, but Guetta says that was pushed back because he has a busy schedule.

“This new album is so much more fun than the one that came out in 2018, so I’m excited to release it in 2019 and beyond,” Guetta said in the statement.

“It’s an incredible honor to finally have the chance to revisit the creative genius of N.U.K. and revisit our creative journey together, as well as the many amazing musicians we worked with on that record.

We’ve had so many fun, creative experiences with this band over the years, and this is just another.”

N.W., whose real name is Nelly Furtado, was one of the biggest and most influential figures in hip-hopping and the early days of hip-Hop, but was also a fierce critic of white supremacy.

She was also known for her fierce political stance and her vocal attacks on racism and misogyny in hip hop.

She released the acclaimed “N.E.R.D.,” a track from her 2013 album The Blueprint.

N.U.’s new EP, entitled The N-Word, will hit stores on October 23.