India’s Electronic Music Competition winner receives prize

A top Indian electronic musician who won a prestigious Indian electronic music competition was awarded the $1.6 million prize on Tuesday.

India’s Electronic Musicians Competition is an annual competition for young Indian composers, musicians and songwriters.

Its winner receives $1 million in cash and a trip to India.

In the last year, 25-year-old Mahindra Mahindrasad was the winner of the Indian Electronic Music Award, beating a group of young Indian musicians, singers and song writers from other countries.

The winner of India’s most prestigious award received $1,000,000.

Mahindrasads group won three consecutive awards.

The group composed and recorded their music under the name Mahindri and released a number of their songs on Indian radio stations, including ones on the country’s most popular television channel.

They also released their own digital song.

They were awarded the top prize of the prestigious competition in March.