Chinese electronic music fans react to ‘The World’s Most Wanted’ video

China’s “The World is Full of Wishes” video has caused an international sensation.

It is the biggest ever Chinese-language viral video in the country.

China has now uploaded more than 3.6 billion YouTube views.

The video was recorded in the city of Wuhan and the theme song, which is by Chinese pop group EXO, is in Chinese.

The lyrics to the song include “Happy birthday, you’re my star, Happy birthday, I’m your star”.

The video is an instant hit with China’s 1.3 billion internet users.

But the story of the video’s popularity is a complicated one.

More than a million people have posted their reactions on Chinese social media, while the song has received hundreds of comments, including criticism from some users.

Many people on Chinese state media said they felt “embarrassed” about being the first to post their views.

But some people on social media said the video was a good example of the country’s growing “tolerance” of dissent.

“The video is so great because it’s a very positive thing for the country and a positive image,” said one user on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter.

However, many others on Chinese internet said they were offended by the video and said it was disrespectful to the Chinese Communist Party.

People were also upset by the lyrics, which were written in Mandarin by Chinese singer Jiang Jiuzhi.

Jiang wrote: “Happy Birthday, my star is your star, my son is your son, you are my son.”

The song is widely known in China as “Happy World” and the lyrics are a common theme on the internet.

The video was released in June on YouTube, the video-sharing site, and on Chinese Weibo.

The song has also been downloaded more than 6 million times.

Some commentators said the lyrics were insulting to China’s communist rulers.

China’s censors were quick to respond to the video.

On Weibo in China, a group of pro-democracy activists called “Internet Freedom Party” criticised the video, saying it showed disrespect to the Communist Party and was disrespectful of China’s military.

Internet users on Sina Weibo and WeChat also criticised the song.

One user wrote: The ‘Happy World’ song is very disrespectful of the military, and it is insulting to the military.

It’s very disrespectful.

Other users wrote: I think the lyrics should be changed to ‘Happy birthday to the country’ or ‘Happy Birthday to the soldiers’.

Many users said they did not agree with Jiang Jiushi’s lyrics.

But some said they enjoyed the video for its own reasons, such as its simplicity and the fact that it shows the power of social media.

They said they had not been able to express their views in public, but that they hoped the video would help bring about change in China.

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