How to Play the Dead Electronic Music Games

I was once a bit of a hipster.

I spent my formative years in the UK and spent time at a number of music festivals in Europe and the US.

I had a number or two releases that made it to festivals in the States but I never really had the chance to play them live.

That was the case for a number if bands like My Chemical Romance and the Beach Boys, but I always felt like it wasn’t a true representation of their music.

They were a huge band but there was never any real interest in listening to them live in person.

That’s what’s changed.

The internet has given us access to the real world and there’s more than enough time to spend with bands that we like and listen to live, and there are more and more places where we can get to know more about their music and understand more about the artists.

As someone who has been a fan of the Beach Boy and My Chemical Romantic for quite a while, I was curious to find out how those bands sounded live and how they performed. 

When I went looking for out information on Dead Electronic Musicians, I came across the following articles from the aforementioned UK music festivals: Dead Electronic Music is a band of electronic music enthusiasts from the UK who use synthesizers to record music.

This includes tracks from The Beach Boys and My Little Pony.

The band is a hybrid of the electronic music genre, electronic music and dance music, with the band’s sound reflecting a mix of both genres. 

I got in touch with guitarist Mike ‘Mikey’ O’Neil and drummer Tim ‘Dirty’ Poulton to get their take on the Dead electronic music scene. 

The band’s first release, My Chemical Roses, was released in the late 1990s, and the second was My Chemical Morons in 1998.

The second, Dead Electronic Love, was recorded in 2000 and it was released the following year. 

This second album, the third in the Dead eMusic series, has been on the bandlist for two years and featured the likes of The Beach Boy, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Band, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd. 

What’s so great about Dead Electronic music? 

The songs on the album are very catchy and the sound is clean and laid back.

The drums sound a bit like a drum kit, while the vocals are very clean and natural sounding.

I found the songs to be very well recorded, with some great production from Tim Poulston. 

There are a lot of electronic instruments on the record, with instruments like the 808 and 808 Dubstep being a recurring theme. 

In the studio, they used the 808 drum machine, which was a lot different than the more popular drum machines in the band. 

Mikey and Tim have collaborated on several albums and their sound has evolved over time.

On My Chemical Rimes, the bass was played by a Yamaha DX-2, a Yamaha PS-1 and a Roland Juno 12, with percussion being played by the Roland Juno 100. 

Another key part of the band is their use of synthesizers.

On the third album, they use a Juno 10, a Roland DX-10, and a Yamaha VS-10 to record. 

One of the key tracks on the fourth album, I’m Not a Girl, was played with a Roland DS-20, a Pino Tascam T-4 and a Sony Vegas Pro 2. 

On Dead Electronic love, the drums are played by an Yamaha DX5, a Panasonic PS-5, and an Akai MPC-200. 

And the sound was recorded by the Akai HV-3A and a Panasonic CM-1, all of which are known for their great sounding synths. 

They are also known for a sound that’s very organic and natural, with very clear and clean vocals. 

It’s a very easy record to listen to and it’s very clear that the band are serious about their sound and the music. 

You can find the band on their website, where you can also find more info on the bands other albums. 

 What is the best way to hear Dead Electronicmusic? 

My Chemical Romance are definitely a band I enjoy listening to live.

I’m not sure what else to say.

They’re a huge group and you get to hear their music in a way you haven’t before, especially on the third and fourth albums, when you get a real sense of what they are really about. 

If you have a few hours to spare, there are also some great electronic music shows available in Australia. 

Where can I find Dead Electronicmusicians live? 

Check out Dead Electronic Live and Live Electronic Musician, where they record live concerts in Sydney. 

Listen to their live shows at the following venues: Sydney Opera House, The National Theatre, Swansea City Hall, Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Sydney Opera House Sophia Hayley and the Stranglers