Music in India: What is electronic music?

Electronic music has long been the domain of the rich and famous, with the likes of Sting, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie all releasing records in the genre.

But the trend is growing rapidly, with millions of young people now embracing electronic music as a way of escaping boredom and making art out of the everyday.

The BBC has teamed up with online music platform SoundCloud to bring you an exclusive look at some of the most popular musicians from India who are making the most of their digital platforms.


Kunal Bhagat, musician, India2.

Prabhjot Singh Bhatt, musician and composer, India3.

Deepak Dutta, musician with a musical background in the Kannada language, India4.

Jyoti Sood, musician from Kerala, India5.

Dhananjay Bhatt of the electronic music duo Gaurav and Ramya, India6.

Kishore Gupta, musician who works in electronic music, India7.

Vijay Singh, musician in the music of Kala Bharati, India8.

Deepa Sharma, singer-songwriter, India9.

Shrikant Bhagwan, a vocalist in the Hindi band Poonam, India10.

Devinder Kumar, a singer-actress from Maharashtra, IndiaThe BBC’s programme ‘The Music in the 21st Century’ will be broadcast on Friday.

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