The Greatest Electronic Music Hits: Electronic Musicians Top, Find Electronic Music,Smartest Electronic Music

Newsweek has listed the greatest electronic music hits on the Internet, based on their popularity and technical sophistication.

Here are the best electronic music tracks on the Web today.1.

The Beatles: “Strawberry Fields Forever”2.

The Police: “I’ll Always Love You”3.

Queen: “A Day in the Life”4.

The Cure: “When I Come Around”5.

The Killers: “The End”6.

The Beach Boys: “Don’t Go”7.

The Smiths: “We Were Young”8.

The Strokes: “Good Times Bad Times”9.

Bon Iver: “Wise Up”10.

The Weeknd: “Dope”11.

Bon Jovi: “Tequila Sunrise”12.

Beyoncé: “Formation”13.

Kanye West: “Power”14.

Katy Perry: “Crazy in Love”15.

The Rolling Stones: “Sheer Heart Attack”16.

Arcade Fire: “Echoes”17.

The Black Keys: “Run”18.

The Doors: “Mona Lisa Smile”19.

The Temptations: “You’re the Best”20.

The Who: “Live at Leeds”21.

The Avalanches: “Alone in the Dark”22.

The Replacements: “Satisfaction”23.

Queen of Limbs: “All My Loving”24.

The War on Drugs: “What’s Going On”25.

The National: “Blank Space”26.

The 1975: “Just Like Heaven”27.

The Cars: “Back in Black”28.

The Offspring: “If I Were You”29.

Arcadefire: “Lose Yourself to Dance”30.

M83: “Love You Better”31.

The Knife: “Penny Lane”32.

The Flaming Lips: “Nevermind”33.

Coldplay: “Bad Blood”34.

Blink-182: “My Hero”35.

The Velvet Underground: “Sweet Little Lies”36.

Blink: “Take Me to the River”37.

Muse: “One”38.

Blink 182: “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”39.

The Pixies: “Falling”40.

The Mamas and the Papas: “Hands Like Houses”41.

The Lumineers: “‘Til I Collapse”42.

The White Stripes: “Everyday Is a Beach Day”43.

Blink182: “‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me'”44.

Blink & The Districts: “‘N Sync'”45.

The Chainsmokers: “New Year’s Day”46.

Bob Dylan: “Can’t Buy Me Love”47.

Arcade Fires: “Boomerang”48.

Kaskade: “No Sun”49.

Blinktrix Point Never: “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”50.

Radiohead: “Kid A”51.

Arcadefires: “Stay High”52.

The Prodigy: “Shades of Blue”53.

Radioheads: “In Rainbows”54.

The Chemical Brothers: “Something in the Water”55.

The New Pornographers: “Rattle”56.

Blink and the Magnetic Zeros: “Superunknown”57.

The Smashing Pumpkins: “Radioactive”58.

ArcadeFire: “Fire”59.

Arcade-Age: “Scary Monsters and Nice Guys”60.

The xx: “Guns, Germs, and Steel”61.

The Bends: “Beggars Banquet”62.

Radioactive: “K.O.”63.

The Hold Steady: “Hot Fuss”64.

The Fall: “Fall”65.

Arcadefied: “Anxiety”66.

The Aces: “Blackout”67.

The Kinks: “On the Run”68.

The Shins: “Big City”69.

The Coup: “Heartbreaker”70.

The Clash: “Bloody Sunday”71.

The Pretenders: “Let It Be”72.

The Vamps: “Smells Like Teen Spirit”73.

Arcade: “Sunshine”74.

Radiofreaks: “Viva La Vida”75.

Arcade’s: “Overnight”76.

M.I.A.: “The Girl”77.

ArcadeFacts: “Not My Life”78.

Arcade Fax: “Party”79.

Arcade Machine: “Summer”80.

Arcade Nasty: “Break Up”81.

Arcade Jokes: “Chickasaw”82.

Arcade Dukes: “Rocky”83.

Arcade Love: “Happy Together”84.

Arcade Suckers: ‘Wish’85.

Arcade Stereotypes: